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Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear} | Easter Egg-stravaganza!

Love this week’s post from Rebecca! What a fun and colorful post to get us excited about Spring. Here is what she had to say:

Believe it or not, Easter is just around the corner.  I’m sure lots of you are planning, planning, and planning some more for Easter family sessions, mini sessions, sibling sessions, or just trying to figure out how to get your kiddos looking great for church on Easter Sunday!  Here’s a little bit of bunny inspiration, from totally matching outfits, to coordinating colors, right down to bright, personalized Easter tee shirts.  Whatever your style, you’re sure to find something to get your Easter creativity flowing.  I’ve even thrown in a few ideas for styling a cute Easter portrait session with some fun props, whether it’s in your own backyard or with your favorite professional photographer.  So, “hop” to it, and capture those sweet memories of your babies while they are still little!  Happy Spring!

Where to shop:

Carrot Cuties: Wooden Soldier

Born Kids Little Flower Sandal: Zappos

Musical Peter Rabbit: Wooden Soldier

Turquoise Ruffle Dress & Headband: CWDKids

Flower Sandals: CWDKids

Boys White Shorts: CWDKids

Boys Turquoise Polo: CWDKids

Peter Rabbit Easter Garland: Chasing Fireflies

Peter Rabbit Cake Stand: Chasing Fireflies

Pink Polka Dots Monogrammed Bucket: Chasing Fireflies

The Tale Of Peter Rabbit book: Chasing Fireflies

Bunny Basket Tea Set: Chasing Fireflies

Personalized Bright Eggs Tee: Chasing Fireflies

Pink Polka Dot Sneakers: Chasing Fireflies

Girls Smocked Flower Dress: Gymboree

Bunny Flower Two Piece Set: Gymboree

Flower Crochet Cardigan: Gymboree

Flower Crib Shoe: Gymboree

Seersucker Hat: Gymboree

Stripe Necktie: Gymboree

Diamond Sweater Vest: Gymboree

Roll Cuff Gingham Shirt: Gymboree

Belted Linen Blend Shorts: Gymboree

Boat Shoe: Gymboree

Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear} | Maternity

In my opinion, the best advice always comes from someone who has personal experience to draw from. So who better to give maternity clothing suggestions than Morgan who is certainly counting the days until her due date? Even better, she knows women don’t want to spend a fortune on maternity clothes, so she gives tips on how to punch up the basics you probably already have for your portrait session. Because, lets face it, you already have the best accessory possible — that gorgeous baby bump.

Here’s what she has to say:

Since I’m about three weeks away from my due date, I decided to revisit the “Build on your Basics” theme with a focus on maternity style. I’ve definitely tried to buy as few maternity-specific items as possible, preferring to stick with some core items and adding versatile pieces around them. Often this is done with existing items from your normal wardrobe, but if you want to buy something new, remember that being 8+ months preggo doesn’t mean you need to shop exclusively in the maternity section.

But first – your maternity wardrobe building blocks.

I think it’s always best to start with a great pair of dark-wash jeans. My personal favorite (I’ve bought several pairs of the same jean) come surprisingly from H&M (who knew they had a maternity line?). What I love is that they have belt loops and a finished waistband, making them look very much like normal jeans. You can also find a skinny version of these jeans, but both will usually tuck nicely into tall boots.

While I’m often wearing a black tank, for a photo shoot you’ll want to avoid black since the purpose of the session is to show off your bump – not hide it. Gap makes some fantastic layering tanks, but a good solid scoop or v-neck (you may be rockin’ some nice cleavage about now, so why not make use of it) will be a perfect base. Since you may be wearing pants with a panel, you need to be sure you don’t see the line or color of the panel through the white shirt. If you do, maybe throw on an extra tank underneath.

Now, let’s add to this.

Wraps, cardigans, and jackets are all pieces you can pull from your pre-pregnancy wardrobe. Sure, you probably can’t button your jacket anymore, but you don’t need to! If you want a little more shape to your look, add a skinny belt either over a wrap or under the jacket (always just under your bust). Bring color and texture to your outfit with scarfs, and don’t forget to add jewelry!

One last option – a blanket or throw. If you’re outside for your shoot and don’t want to wear a bulky jacket (or perhaps you’re like me and only purchased one all-purpose maternity jacket — nothing so special you’d want to wear in a maternity session), grab a coordinating blanket and wrap yourself up in it. It also works well when your partner is in the photo with you, as you can both wrap up in it together.

Before pregnancy, I dreaded what I would wear. But the options are much more diverse and enjoyable than I expected!





Scoop Top (White) – Isabella Oliver - $75.00
Artisan Tunic (White) – Boden – $88.00
MAMA Jeans – H&M – $39.95


Short Sleeve Ruffled Maternity Blouse – Motherhood Maternity – $26.98
Amrita Cardi (Turquoise) – Anthropologie – $78.00
It Jeans Jacket – Destination Maternity – $89.00


Andaman Wrap Bracelet – Anthropologie – $48.00
Polaire Headband (Turquoise) – Anthropologie – $28.00
Illuminated Chignon Bobbies – Anthropologie – $15.00
Threadwork Scarf – Anthropologie – $48.00
Vintage Plaid Throw Blanket – Simple Thrift (Etsy) – $38.00
In Stitches Belt (Turquoise) – Anthropologie – $28.00
Culture Phit Ama Brown Boots – Zappos – $99.00

He Said She Said Photography Workshop Giveaway!

If you are a photographer; whether a pro, an amateur, a momtog or you just plain love taking pictures, then you KNOW how much goes into this craft. We’ve all spent a LOT of long hours learning how to use our camera, shoot in manual, finding the light, perfecting our white balance etc, etc. Not to mention the business portion of photography! It’s enough to make your head spin. Attending workshops and conferences is a MUST if you want to get it together and be successful enough to rise above the crowd. As you may or may not know, one of our Wardrobe Wednesday members, Shannon Dodge, is a Florida girl and is great friends with the uber-talented husband and wife team, Jean and Travis Smith. AND we are SO excited that Wardrobe Wednesday is helping Jean and Travis give away ONE FREE SEAT to their upcoming workshop in Naples, Florida!!!

An $1,100.00 value!  {HELLO!!!}

This is an amazing opportunity to learn everything they know: natural light, off-camera flash, posing, creativity, post-processing, and all things business.


So, how do you win, you ask?!?  It’s simple.  Just head on over to Shannon’s blog, read all of the detailed info, and enter the contest!  Done and done.  You won’t want to miss out on this opportunity!

Wardrobe Wednesday {senior guys}

Loving these looks Lindsay put together for senior guys! And she shares a great shopping tip, so be sure to read on.

Here’s what she has to say:

This week I decided to focus on an often-overlooked group: senior guys. Just because killer senior portraits aren’t always on the top of their to-do list doesn’t mean that they don’t want to look great too. I’ve pulled a few different looks together for guys of all types using many of our tried-and-true guidelines – textures, layers and, of course, an accessory too.

The first look is a classic casual outfit – jeans with a plaid button-up, with either a cool jacket or sweater layered over top.  I think an outfit like this would suit almost anyone and almost any location, too. It’s very versatile. The second outfit is the GQ look.  I’m still waiting for a senior to come with a GQ wardrobe (hint, hint, guys!), but for the right guy it would really make the images stand out.  I can easily see a look like this paired in a modern or more industrial urban environment. The last look is for all of the hipsters out there.  I fell in love with the varsity-style cardigan, but really liked the look of the whole outfit.  Add a fedora for an extra touch!  I think this outfit would look great in an older vintage downtown area or a great coffee shop or cozy book store.  SHOPPING TIP: If you find an article of clothing that you love online, make sure to check out the different images available – retailers often show a full ensemble using the piece (like the cardigan) and it may give you ideas on putting together the rest of your outfit.



Shopping List


Red Plaid Shirt – Old Navy $24.50

Tan Jacket – Old Navy $65

Tan Sweater – Gap $59.99

Jeans – Old Navy $29.50

Shoes – Piperlime $64.99



Suit – Express (although any tailored suit will do)

Striped Tie – Express $39.90

Solid Tie – Express $39



Cardigan – Urban Outfitters $39

Chambray Shirt – Old Navy $24.50

Khakis – Old Navy $27.00

Sperrys – Piperlime $85

Fedora – Old Navy $14.94

Wardrobe Wednesday {BFF}

I love the idea of doing a best friend session! Jennifer from Minor Impressions Photography shares some awesome ideas for a sparkly, accessorized get-together, but you could also do a lifestyle shoot playing dress-up at home, having fun at an amusement park or even poolside in the summer. How fun!!

“I have two daughters who are fortunate enough to have the sweetest relationship with their best pal. We get together with them often and try to take as many pictures as possible. My oldest daughter has known her closest friend since she was two, and they’ve been the best of friends for the past five years. It’s been so much fun capturing their bond over the years. The thought of their friendship inspired me for this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday.

How fun would it be for your daughter to have a photo session with her closest friend or friends? I know it’s tempting to put your girls in matching outfits, but this is an opportunity to show everyone how much they are alike while also letting their unique traits show through. While often overpriced (unless you use one of their frequently-offered 40% off coupons), Justice is a perfect place to find some outfits for your fun-loving gals. They always have vibrant, trendy pieces to coordinate and an abundance of fashionable accessories that can add to the session.

Having pictures done with a friend will allow your daughter to relax and show her true personality. The addition of accessories will give them some props to have fun with and talk about. Some of the best images are the candid shots of your girls telling secrets or comparing bracelets. They can be sassy with their hat and stylish with their purses. Add a “Best Friend” necklace and the smile they have on their face while trying to piece it together will be a priceless image to cherish for years.”


All of the items found in this week’s Wardrobe Wednesday can be found at Justice.

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