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Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear} | Lifestyle Newborn

We are super thrilled to have the fabulous Jean Smith of Jean Smith Photography guest posting for us today! She is highlighting what to wear for newborn sessions.

Here’s what she has to say:

It took me a long time to get in a groove with newborn sessions. My newborn sessions used to be a combination of forced poses, crying babies, and a lot of frustration on my part. I almost wanted to give up when I had a “light bulb moment.” I realized that my niche is not posing babies perfectly. My niche is capturing the baby naturally, along with the relationships and interaction with family members.  So, I started shooting how I loved to shoot and newborns became one of my favorite types of sessions.


With the exit of solid backdrops and formal poses, solid white or black shirts and jeans on family members no longer worked with my lifestyle look. I wanted a soft and natural feel with the focus on Baby, but with Mom and Dad being an important part of the image.

So what should Mom and Dad wear to look natural, and still compliment the baby and image?

What about siblings?

And what about Baby?

Let’s start with Mom and Dad, since they are the most important “props” baby may have. First and foremost, we want Mom to feel beautiful and flattered…as she did JUST have a baby (and we all know how we feel right after we had a baby). I suggest short or long sleeves to flatter, or perhaps a cover up (like a cardigan sweater). Light colored, solid tops are soft and still flattering to Mom. I LOVE when Mom opts for a long dress…preferable solid, or with just a light pattern. It adds such a softness and whimsy to the images with a newborn baby. Dad can wear a solid shirt complimentary to mom’s color of shirt. A subtle pattern on dad’s shirt is also cute, and adds interest…like a striped button down shirt.

If siblings will be in the images, it is best to go with siblings in solid, neutral colors (ex: oatmeal, white, grey), so that the focus can still be on the baby.

And for Baby? I prefer the baby to be naked for at least some of the session. It is one time in his/her life that it is ok to be nude, and it is just SO. DANG. CUTE. It is also fun to get a variety of images by using scarves (or other wraps), thin blankets, or diaper covers on the baby. By dressing family members in solid, neutral colors, you can put the focus on Baby by swaddling him/her in a colorful wrap, or maybe a cute, lightly patterned blanket. I educate parents NOT to use newborn outfits, as they are usually too big and tend to drown the baby and cover their face when holding or posing him/her. However, if the baby has a special outfit from Grandma, friend, or someone else special, then by all means, take a few shots! If parents want an outfit for the baby, then solid and snug fitting outfits look best on newborns.

Oh, and bare feet are the BEST.


Newborn sessions can be simple, or they can be fashionable. Both are beautiful. It just depends on the style and look the parents are going for. Just remember…simple, solid, and neutral work best for newborn sessions and help keep the mood soft with the focus on the baby.

Mom: Dress (Old Navy $25), Cardigan (Target $24.99)
Dad: Shirt (Old Navy $22.50), Pants (Old Navy $29.50)
Boy: Shirt (Old Navy $16.94), Shorts (Old Navy $19.94)
Baby: Hat and Diaper Cover (J Crochet Shop on Etsy $24.99)
Girl: Dress (Old Navy $19.94)

Wardrobe Wednesday {what to wear} | Bold & Bright Maternity

Absolutely LOVE these colorful maternity ensembles put together by Rebecca. Even better? They don’t cost a fortune! (A good thing when clothing is temporary, am I right?)

Here’s what Rebecca has to say:

There’s something about the spring season that just gets me in the baby mood! I have been photographing lots of mommy’s-to-be lately and it’s one of my favorite sessions. Just to be spending that precious time together with a couple or family getting ready to welcome a new miracle into their lives is such an incredible part of being a photographer! I love every second of it. And  the soon-to-be mommies are seriously the most beautiful thing ever. Glowing, radiant, gushing with love for that little one. Since we haven’t had a maternity wardrobe post in awhile, I thought it would be perfect timing, and I wanted to be sure to show you how you can have a totally new outfit on a great budget. All of these outfits are right around $100, so don’t feel like you have to break the bank to get some fabulous new clothes for your upcoming session. And, I bet you even have some of these pieces already in your closet! Just pick up some accessories, get your hubby in some jeans, a solid coordinating shirt, casual flip flops or sandals, and you are ready for your close-ups!


Where To Get The Goods:

Outfit #1

Sleeveless ruffled top | $19.99 | Target

Boot-cut maternity jeans | $27.50 | Old Navy

Scarf wedges | $25.94 | Old Navy

Stone necklace & earring set | $12.99 | Payless


Outfit #2

Mossimo cropped cardigan | $15.00 | Target

Gold round gypsy cutout earrings | $12.99 | Target

Ruffled tube top | $19.94 | Old Navy

Maternity capris | $34.94 | Old Navy

Women’s vander band wedge | $24.99 | Payless


Outfit #3

Maternity cropped denim jacket | $36.94 | Old Navy

Ruffled jersey tank | $16.94 | Old Navy

Fold-over striped jersey skirt | $19.94 | Old Navy

Mixed-pleated wedges | $29.94 | Old Navy

Enamel bracelets | $10.94 | Old Navy

Striped bead drop earrings | $8.94 | Old Navy


Outfit #4

Maternity tie-waist cardigan | $24.00 | Old Navy

Scoop rib-knit tank | $12.94 | Old Navy

Linen-blend shorts | $24.94 | Old Navy

Jeweled t-strap sandals | $19.94 | Old Navy

Silver plated hoop earrings | $19.99 | Target