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Class of 2014 Senior Model Application

Erica May Photography is currently looking for Class of 2014 Senior Models! You do not have to be a perfect model size or look like a model to become an Erica May Photography Model. We are looking for seniors that are outgoing, involved in activities, and are eager to be in the program!

Senior Model Benefits

  • You get to be a part of an awesome stylized group shoot!
  • Designer model cards (custom designed cards with your images to hand out to your friends!)
  • Have your images featured in Erica May Photography’s senior magazine
  • Earn credits, prizes and CASH for your referrals!
  • Get fun swag bags, t-shirts, and participate in fun events throughout the year!
  • Have your images used in marketing materials for Erica May Photography.
  • Free images for Facebook/Instagram

Senior Model Requirements

  • You must be able to participate in a group model shoot (I will try my best to pick a day that works for everyone)
  • You must agree to pay $100 for professional airbrush makeup  on the day of the group shoot plus an additional $150 plus tax to book your full senior session to take place in the summer or during your senior year.
  • Tell you friends what an awesome and fun experience you had!
  • Pass out marketing materials for Erica May Photography.
  • Post comments and feedback on your or your friends’ images on the Erica May Photography facebook page and Instagram
  • Agree not to represent or be photographed by any other photography studio for the 2013-2014 class year except for required school photos.


Parent(s)/Guardian(s) Names
What High School do you go to?
Instagram Username
List hobbies, sports, clubs or groups you are involved in.
Tell me more about you! Describe your personality and what your friends might say about you. What are your favorite things? What kind of music do you like? Your favorite places to shop? *
Why do you think you would be a good Senior Rep for Erica May Photography?