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10 on 10 Project – {Confession}

So, I have a confession… I didn’t have time to do my 10 on 10 project this week. Shame on me! It fell on a weekday and between doctor’s appointments for Tristan (he has to have surgery on his ears), having family in town, two senior sessions, and a busy baseball schedule it just wasn’t going to happen. BUT never fear I did still take some pictures of my little ones this week. See, it’s not all that bad right?? Ok ok… I will try and do better next month. Here are my little guys in the bluebonnets this year. Logan was NOT impressed with taking pictures and is not a happy baby so late in the evening but I still love the way they turned out. Enjoy!


Make sure to check out Michelle’s 10 on 10 Project here and follow the links all the way around!

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Michelle - April 15, 2013 - 12:34 pm

Bluebonnets….I’m envious of those in TX who can shoot in fields of them! These are lovely and that boat is so cute!

Megan - April 15, 2013 - 1:18 pm

These are just beautiful!

Kim Bajorek - April 15, 2013 - 5:13 pm

These are gorgeous! What beautiful little models you have!

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